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Women and Cheating

Why Woman Cheat… –       Lack of Communication –       Lack of Intimacy (which may not always be sex, especially with women) –       Lack of Consistency in the relationship such as      Unaccounted time...

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Fighting Fair

Don’t intimidate or humiliate Don’t bring up old history. Focus on the current issue(s) Don’t put down your partner’s character Don’t set out to win Take healthy timeouts when needed Stay flexible and open to compromise...

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Blended families

How do children adjust to stepparents? How does the extended family play into the relationship? How do biological parents integrate themselves into the blended picture? What are the support networks for children? How long does...

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Too much togetherness?

I- Strive for a balance of together and apart II-  Too much togetherness can create fighting III-  Too much distance can create fear and anxiety IV-  Manage distance assertively, not aggressively V- Ask for what you...

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