With over 20 years’ experience as a Relationship Therapist Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson is the former Director of Clinical Training at Drexel University’s Couple & Family Therapy Department and the founder and CEO of her private practice F.A.I.T.H. Inc. (Family and Individual Therapeutic Healing).  Also, Dr. Allen-Wilson is the Co-founder & CEO of Connections Matter LLC along with her husband.  She is the author of her first book Courageous Conversations Connect (A Pathway To Reset Your Mindset With Intentional Thoughts From The Inside Out).  Prior to her appointment as Director of Clinical Training at Drexel University, she received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Couple & Family Therapy in 2009 from Drexel University and her Master of Family Therapy degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Drexel University (formally Hahnemann University) in 1998.

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Handling Trauma

Let’s face it.
This was an especially violent week in Philadelphia, which is enduring a crisis. Sergeant Chris Fitzgerald was killed and there were at least two mass shootings, one of which took the life of a TV reporter, woman, and 9-year-old girl and the other wounded several teenagers near a Philly schoolyard.
Feeling stressed from it all?

Depression may look different in black women, study says

A new study has found that black women may experience the signs and symptoms of depression differently than other races and genders.

Some universities are giving students time off for self-care

Watch this impactful discuss with  Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson and the Good Day Fox Crew  about the importance of wellness breaks for the mental health of students.

Managing stress this holiday season

Good Day’s open and honest discussions started off with a conversation with our friends Preston & Steve, who talked about the impact suicide has beyond immediate families. 

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I am deeply grateful that so many of you have found this book Courageous Conversations Connect, helpful as you embark on your healing journey.

I have learned over the many years of being a therapist as well as being a part of lived and shared experiences personally, professionally, relationally, familially and spiritually, that there are times in our lives when we all need to muster the courage to have difficult talks which I like to call Courageous Conversations. I believe that most times, we are fearful of having these conversations because we are unsure of the outcome and ultimately believe that it will lead to disconnection, cut-offs or loss. In my experience over the years, if we are courageous enough to have the conversation; the outcome more often than not, leads to us connecting with ourselves and the people who matter to us most. These conversations do not have to lead to despair, sadness or disappointment. As a matter a fact, they have the power to lead to quite the opposite; hopefulness, joy and contentment.

Thus, the following can result from reading this book about how Courageous Conversations Connect.

What’s Our Process

When you choose. Dr. Argie Allen Wilson as your therapist, you can be confident in knowing that your confidentiality is mort important to us.  My team will make sure that all your needs are met.

  • Step One:   A team member will take you through an intake process to understand your needs and establish a chart of records as a new client.
  • Step Two:  You will then be assigned a therapy schedule that fits  Dr. Argie’s appointment book. They will gather your personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and other pertinent information.
  • Step Three: You will meet with Dr. Argie and begin your therapy sessions.

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Dr. Argie sits with the host of the today show to discuss how parents talk with children about COVID-19 and keeping a schedule during quarantine.

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