I- Remember that Rage is often depression turned inside

II- Women often Stuff and Blow when they have unresolved anger that leads to rage

III- Some key causes of women experiencing episodes of rage are:

–       Feeling marginalized

–       Not feeling heard

–       Lack of validation or acknowledgment

–       Over functioning with limited support

IV- Ways to resolve Rage:

–       Understand the primary emotions that your feeling before they turn into Rage

–       Pay attention to the warning signs such as:

  1.     Anxiety
  2.     Irritability
  3.     Depression

–       Seek support in resolving issues that could lead and contribute to rage (i.e. therapy, support groups, clergy)

–       Develop relaxation techniques that help you to take care of self

V- Utilize acts of forgiveness and spirituality to let go and move on from harboring toxic emotions that can lead to rage

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