Take a moment and relax. Every second of your life counts, and you deserve to enjoy each of them.

Forget about escaping to that great getaway or even spending an evening at the spa.
There are so many other ways to remove the stress, and relax. Read with me as I show you some practical actions you can take- to bring calm back into your day.

1. Meditate and Get Present With the Moment

Did you you know that a few minutes of meditation daily can do wonders for your life? The simplest way of escaping the anxiety is to sit still and be silent. Providing yourself away to take a moment to escape  the noise can help you to get more control. Take a second to close your eyes and breathe. Allow yourself to think of something that brings you peace. Listen for your breathing, and then allow the rhythm of your breaths to soothe you. If you find it hard to concentrate- chant to yourself- I am at peace with myself, and with the moment. Repeat until you’ve exterminated the stress. Make certain that you take deep breathes so that you can feel the calmness. Deep breaths will allow you to reduce your heart rate, and it will bring ease to your body and mind.

2) Listen to Music and Dance
Have you ever noticed how music makes everything better? Especially a song that gets you up and moving. Dancing is a great way to escape. Not only will dancing allow you to get your boogie on, but the movement of the exercise produces endorphins that triggers a positive affect on the body similar to that of morphine. Dancing is an outlet for emotional expression, and according to a 2008 study in the American Journal of Health Education, dancing can in increase life satisfaction.

3) Journal
Writing down what you feel is good way to get a sense of your emotions, and what is causing the stress. Journaling helps with problem solving, sparks creativity,  and provides a way to unplug. Take a second to write all the things your a grateful, and are positive in your life. Reflect on what has value.  Seeing things in words helps you to visualize and focus on what is important.

4) Chat it Up with A Friend
Having someone you can talk things through can help provide comfort, and it gives you a way to remove any burdens and worries. Sharing with someone else about how you are feeling, can help you to not  feel isolated. Many times stress stays with us because we choose to keep it locked up to ourselves. However, as soon as you have a way of getting it out- the conversations alone can help lift the weight. Discussing your situation can often help, and knowing that you have someone to discuss your issues can produce positive feelings.

5) Exercise
Similar to dancing, exercise is a great way to get your total body on one accord to work seamlessly together. No different than a flight or fight situation, stress often makes your mind and body feel as if is under attack and naturally  positions you into a defense mode. Exercising will help you to have more control, and again releases the feeling of being antsy.

Understand that as long as you are alive, moments will arise that feel like pressure.  However, knowing how to handle and control life pressures can offer comfort. If you are feeling as if  you can not control the stress,  consider seeking out a professional therapist like Dr. Argie who can help you to talk through your concerns and provide strategies to have balance.


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