1- set realistic expectations for the holidays

– don’t get sucked into hallmark commercials

2- Be aware of the need to please

-desires to get right gifts could lead to additional stressors

3- be conscious that lack of financial resources can be serious stress for violence before and after the holidays

-avoid unnecessary credit card debt

-create a budget with partner that both agree to uphold

-recognize the heightened risk of DV after the holiday bills begin to roll in

4- resist escaping the holiday blues by drinking alcohol or taking drugs

5- pay attention to tension, physical stress in the body or any other emotional dispositional changes such as agitation, withdrawal or shifts in eating habits

6- keep eye on loved ones who you suspect may be at risk for family

-avoid time participating in arguments or confrontations during this time

7- be aware that stalking may suddenly arise during commercialized nostalgic times

8- reach out for professional help if noticing oneself feeling increasingly depressed and irritable