Tips for how to take care of yourself!

1.Do something Relaxing or Pampering for yourself

    1. Massage
    2. Makeover
    3. Play favorite Author
    4. Give self permission to relax and take a Mental Health Day
  1.  Reflect on previous year while looking ahead to upcoming year

Who came into your life that added or subtracted from your life

How will you use what you have learned to move forward to next year

Reflect on good things you have done this year and lives you’ve touched

Plan for the new year by setting attainable goals and having realistic expectations

  1. Create a gratitude Journal

List all the things you have to be grateful for

Honor your triumph over trials, challenges and obstacles

Look at the lesson you’ve learned as blessings

List people, events and experiences that have helped to renew your spirit

Focus on the positive not the negative

Be affirming and good to self and others

Don’t use negative words to describe self or actions

Try to stay in your own positive lane not someone else’s lane

Look at the glass as half full not half empty

Don’t turn disappointment into disaster

Make an internal commitment to honor yourself and renew your spirit

Live your best life

Be the best ______ you can be

Let go of things that have kept you stuck

Hold on to things that give you joy

Embrace all that life has  to offer you

Believe, trust and have faith in yourself

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