1. Be affirming to self, partner and others
    1. verbally , emotionally, physically and spiritual
  2. Don’t be afraid to embark on exciting journeys and explore new horizons
    1. Take travel adventures
    2. Participate in exciting activities
    3. Try new experiences
    4. Take classes
  3. Embrace 50 something years of wisdom and beauty
    1. Acknowledge growth and lessons learners
    2. Take care of physical and mental health
    3. Be willing to give back in the same way
    4. Be inspiring and aspiring
  4. Make time to pamper self
    1. Make owers
    2. massages
  5. Gravitate towards positive energy
    1. Focus on enjoyment vs. negativity
    2. Surround yourself with positive people and relationships
    3. Try to maintain optimism about life and legacy
  6. Maximize ability to celebrate life
    1. Share quality time with significant people in life
    2. Develop rituals that embrace maturity
    3. Fellowship with friends and family who are in a similar place
  7. Honor past, celebrate the present and embrace the future
    1. Reflection
    2. Reveal

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