1. Validate your partner’s interest, ideas, and goals
    1. Show your acceptance of who your partner
    2. Be your partner’s cheerleader
    3. Expect that they will invest in your interest as well
  2. 2. Communicate about how differences can be complementary
    1. Agree to disagree without being disagreeable
    2. Recognize that there is more than one way to look at something
    3. Be open to making the differences work rather than be destructive
  3. 3. List, discuss and embrace both differences and similarities
    1. Remember: ideas are not necessarily right or wrong just different
    2. Often we have the same goals in mind, just different ways of achieving it
    3. Focus on what works in the relationship rather than obsessing on what doesn’t
  4. 4. Don’t try to change your partner by expecting them to be more like you
    1. We’d have a great relationship if you were just like me
    2. Opposites attract for a reason
    3. What would your relationship be if you were in it with yourself
  5. 5. Be willing to negotiate and compromise
    1. Be flexible not rigid (create balance)
    2. Honor each other’s individuation and autonomy
    3. Don’t take it personally if the differences dont always connect

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