Why Woman Cheat…

–       Lack of Communication

–       Lack of Intimacy (which may not always be sex, especially with women)

–       Lack of Consistency in the relationship such as

  •      Unaccounted time and money
  •      Irregular work habits
  •      Dishonesty

–       Lack of Distribution of labor

–       Lack of Attention to the relationship

Advice to the couple dealing with an affair:

Forgiveness is key if the couple is trying to work things out

Recognize that the healing process takes time (be patient)

Remorse should be an active part of the process (don’t minimize your partner’s pain or expect them to just get over it)

Rebuilding trust is essential, but not easy

Reconnecting as partners is important for the relationship

Re-establishing new rules (these new rules may be more difficult for the couples but will help to foster trust

Refocusing energies on moving forward often means letting go of scorecards for revenge and hostility  

Remember use resources available such as a therapist, clergy person or even literature on Affairs to help you

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