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Starting your marriage off on the right foot

I- Plan, Plan, Plan (plan the marriage not just the wedding) II- Write your marital vision together III- Make sure you’re on the same page (communicate marital Expectations for self and partner) IV- Don’t have unrealistic...

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How to get kids emotionally ready for school

I- Focus on goals II- Write down five things that your child wants to accomplish III- Write down 5 things that you can do to support your child’s goals IV- Hold weekly family meetings V- Encourage journaling VI- Seek help from...

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Vacationing with your Extended Family

I- Set good boundaries on the front end of the trip II- Communicate concerns as well as wishes and expectations in family meeting III- Be willing to compromise vs. being too rigid IV- Remember to the three P’s Plan, Play,...

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How to let go of things you can’t change

I- Don’t sweat the small stuff II- Change your expectations to minimize disappointment and sabotage III- Accept limitations of self and others IV- Utilize both/ and approach ie. Letting go of the bad stuff and holding on to the...

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