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Best way to de-stress after a tough week

I- Embrace silence II- Pay attention to your breathing and other stimuli III- Focus on positive energy (internally and externally) IV- Minimize work talk at home V- Consciously make transition from work to home VI- Celebrate...

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How to get kids emotionally ready for school

  I- Focus on goals II- Write down five things that your child wants to accomplish III- Write down 5 things that you can do to support your child’s goals IV- Hold weekly family meetings V- Encourage journaling VI- Seek help from...

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We’re So Different, How Do We Get Along?

  Validate your partner’s interest, ideas, and goals Show your acceptance of who your partner Be your partner’s cheerleader Expect that they will invest in your interest as well 2. Communicate about how differences can be...

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Tips on staying wonderful at 50

Tips: Be affirming to self, partner and others verbally , emotionally, physically and spiritual Don’t be afraid to embark on exciting journeys and explore new horizons Take travel adventures Participate in exciting activities...

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