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Maintaining Relationships After Marriage

Grow with the friends (don’t just go along to get along) Don’t sabotage friendships by being too rigid Communicate expectation and negotiate roles in the friendships Reinforces energies on positive aspects change not...

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How to Deal with Body Image During the Holidays

Set reasonable and attainable goals to address body image Don’t have unrealistic expectations that perpetuate sabotage Utilize affirming language to describe the image of self while avoiding abusive or destructive words Be...

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Dealing with Relationships Around the Holidays

Set boundaries with family members Maintain flexibility and decrease rigidity Create new rituals while having old/ familiar rituals Communicate expectations for the holiday Don’t set up by having unrealistic expectations Be...

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Internet Affairs

Allow for forgiveness (let go and move on) Be patient Restore security Rebuild trust (negotiate relationship) Develop group...

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