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Tips for Fair Fighting

I- Don’t use intimidation or humiliation tactics II- Don’t bring up old issues while addressing the present ones III- Don’t character assassinate your partner or their family/ friends IV- Don’t set out to win the fight by any...

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Women and Cheating

Why Woman Cheat… –       Lack of Communication –       Lack of Intimacy (which may not always be sex, especially with women) –       Lack of Consistency in the relationship such as      Unaccounted time...

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Dating with kids

Don’t introduce kids too soon Be sure that you’re up for the challenge Understand the package deal Plan, plan, plan, vs spontaneity Don’t make your partner choose between self-vs and kid Don’t force...

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Relationship Tips: How to Listen

Stop Talking and get busy listening Don’t plan your defense while your listening Be empathetic by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes Don’t play the win-lose game Make sure you listen to understand, no to one-up the...

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